Government of Rajasthan
State Public Procurement Portal

  • To provide free and open access to general public to make them available all procurement related information as required under the provision of the Act and Rules with a view to achieve the objects of ensuring transparency, accountability fair and equitable treatment of bidders, promoting competition, maintaining integrity, probity and public confidence in the public procurement process.

  • To educate, encourage and thus facilitate Departments of the State Government, State Public Sector Enterprise, any body covered by the Act for ensuring transparency in public procurement.

  • To bring in transparency in bidding process and gradually move towards adoption of electronic Procurement solution(s) for their procurement needs.

  • To achieve efficient and cost-effective procurement, shortened procurement cycles, full transparency in the whole process, and avoidance of human discretion / interference to the extent possible, easy availability of complete audit trail and evidential data etc.

  • To enable access to widest reach of Bids and unhindered secured Bid submission facility for all, from any corner of the country or outside the country in case of International Competitive Bidding.

Functions of SPPP

  • Publication of-
  • Pre-qualification documents, bidder registration documents, bidding documents and any amendments, clarifications including those pursuant to pre-Bid conference and corrigenda thereto.

  • Bid and Bid award detains by department of the State Government, State Public Enterprise, any body established or constituted by the Constitution of India whose expenditure is met from the Consolidated Fund of the State, any body or Board or Corporation or Authority or Society or Trust or Autonomous Body established or constituted by an Act of the State Legislature or a body owned or controlled by the State Government.

  • List of bidders that presented Bids including during pre-qualification or bidder registration as the case may be.

  • List of pre-qualified and registered bidders as the case may be.

  • List of bidders excluded u/s 25 with reasons.

  • Decision u/s 38 and 39 regarding appeals.

  • Details of successful Bids their prices and particulars of bidders.

  • Particulars of bidders who have been debarred by the State Government or a procuring entity together with the name of the procuring entity, cause for the debarment action and the period of debarment.

  • Categorised according to types and methods of bidding, product categories, types of Organisations and Organisation name